De Dutch Design Foundation heeft ons diner gecovered in hun digitale magazine

Design has the power to shape our social interaction. Social designers use creativity to investigate how we react to our environment, but more importantly, to each other. During DDW19, this was reflected in a special way in the project 'Is it normal that? an interactive dinner about sex and taboos, by design duo Joes + Manon.

Joes and Manon used an interactive dinner as a catalyst for a conversation about one of the biggest taboos: sexuality. Through nutrition they tried to remove this intimate subject from the taboo sphere and open the discussion of sex. At the Natlab in Strijp-S, they created a cosy setting with music, video, a greenhouse and a bar. The two designers were able to talk about sexuality casually and the standards and behaviour associated with it. They compiled a programme with, among others, Rutgers, the Dutch authority in the field of research and sexuality, and other designers such as Thieu CustersNienke Helder and Circus Engelbregt.

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